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McStay Luby has a well established reputation as forensic accountant, providing investigation and expert witness services. We are instructed by legal firms, Counsel, insurers, state agencies and government departments, as well as commercial organisations.

We are experienced in working with solicitors and Counsel, to investigate, compile and de-construct financial loss claims, evaluate the financial merits of a case, manage financial discovery, assist with settlement proposals, mediation and arbitration, and provide expert evidence in Court.

We assist with negotiations with insurers, regulators and other parties to achieve the best possible settlement. Our reports and expert evidence explain complex financial matters in clear understandable terms.


We investigate, report upon and provide expert evidence to assist in the recovery of misappropriated funds and other assets. We advise upon remedial measures to militate against fraud.


We carry out valuations of businesses, companies and shareholding for many purposes, including:

  • Legal disputes
  • Shareholder exit
  • Revenue valuation issues
  • Acquisition or sale of businesses


We have provided evidence in a large number of High Court, Commercial Court, Arbitration and Mediation cases over many years.

We have investigated and reported upon financial loss claims in many areas, including:

  • Commercial disputes
  • Shareholder disputes
  • Professional negligence
  • Competition cases
  • Insurance claims including loss of profit/ consequential loss
  • Medical negligence claims
  • Regulatory investigations
  • Family law disputes
  • Insolvency investigations
  • Asset tracing